Build A WALL… And Crime Will FALL (Bring Our Lost Jobs Back)

Authors note: Ghost-written for the Prez.


The Rapists stand,

Right behind the gates.

They’re looking for breaks

In the links of chain.


With sexual thoughts

Of assault on their brains…

Our mothers aren’t safe,

Your daughters aren’t safe.


But the Dems on the left

Want to let them in.

They’re fine with less

White Americans.


While they deride the plight

Of the workingman.

Whom they won’t defend.

They don’t give a damn!


It’s a shame we cannot stop the process.

Racking up more American losses.

It’s like they don’t want to win, they just give, give, give.

We lose, while they tell us it’s progress.

Author: Fort Nag

Fort Nag is a Poet and Speculative Satirist who lives in Sacramento, CA, USA. "I like to write about a world that doesn't exist, and probably shouldn't. Writing satire has taught me that sometimes fact and fiction do overlap, and what 'could never happen,' seems to happen all the time. So laugh, or cry... Those are your only options."

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