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Are all Americans Guilty of Hate Crimes against President Trump?

Dateline: D.C.— Under federal hate crime laws, Special Counsel Robert Mueller has targeted both critics and supporters of President Trump, for “abusing a mentally incompetent old man,” according to a spokesperson for Mr. Mueller’s office. “If you saw a physically…

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Alert: New Interview With Trump about The “Wall”

Reporter: As your Number One priority tell us what you are going to do about immigration. Trump: Who said it was Number One? Better parking near my Trump Towers is my number one priority. Damn media bias. Reporter: But the…

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Love, Despair & Singlehood: There is no Law Against Being ‘Extraordinary!’

Your romantic success does not depend on anyone but you. If that sounds scary, even cripplingly scary, it’s not. It’s the most beautiful thing in the world. Because from here on in, it really is up to you. I do…

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Animals Furious at PETA for Campaigning Against Testing Cosmetics Products on Them

Animal rights have been violated for years by an organization that has vowed to protect them. Animal poverty is rising while animal ugliness is increasing simultaneously. Discover the correlation.

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