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Homeland Security Now Monitoring RPG Freaks

As the late, great George Formby once said: Jihadi choppers and role playing gamers. One is a socially useless gaggle of sexually frustrated virgins with borderline genius tech skills and a devastatingly parasitical porn addiction, the other… Oh wait, did…

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The Soviet Union Could Have Been Saved: SJW Fail?

The Soviet Union would actually have survived, if only they could have become Soviet Justice Warriors! Some key hashtags for Soviet Twitter: #NotAllCommies #CommunismIsTheTotalitarianismOfPeace #StopBeingMarxophobic

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Delaware Man Masters Martial Arts, Using Only Initial Free Lessons

Dateline: NEW JERSEY—A man from Delaware earned the equivalent of a black belt in Taekwondo, Karate, Jiu-jitsu and several other martial arts, by exploiting the free trial first lesson offered by hundreds of martial arts schools across North America.

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