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Shaking in Fear, Oil Covered Congress Presses Obama to Approve Keystone XL Pipeline

Covered in what appears to be various amounts of crude oil, Congress is increasing pressure on the Obama administration to approve work on the long-delayed Keystone XL oil sand pipeline. They argue that the pipeline, which plans to carry large…

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“Yoga Pants in Public” Innovator to Receive Congressional Medal of Freedom

In one of the first truly bipartisan initiatives in recent memory, the 113th US Congress voted overwhelmingly this morning to award the innovator of the “yoga pants in public” women’s fashion trend with the nation’s highest civilian honor, the Congressional…

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Husband Furious Wife Can’t Listen (comic)

We’ve all been there. You talk and talk and talk, but your message just doesn’t seem to get through. Maybe you’re going about it all wrong. Maybe your tone is unforgiving… or maybe it’s not you at all, but a…

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