“Yoga Pants in Public” Innovator to Receive Congressional Medal of Freedom

In one of the first truly bipartisan initiatives in recent memory, the 113th US Congress voted overwhelmingly this morning to award the innovator of the “yoga pants in public” women’s fashion trend with the nation’s highest civilian honor, the Congressional Medal of Freedom.

Yoga pants left the gym in early 2012 and emerged as an everyday fashion item. The skin-tight garments can be seen from the supermarket to the runway and are especially popular on college campuses.

RIGHT: Yoga pants in public. (CLICK TO ENLARGE & ENHANCE)

During a nationally televised news conference this afternoon, President Obama congratulated congress on the measure saying, “It’s time we recognize this visionary genius who has improved the quality of life for millions of Americans.”

The measure passes by a vote of 81 to 19 along gender lines with only Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin joining her male counterparts. The other 19 female members of congress voted in opposition, collectively releasing a statement saying only, “Are you freakin’ serious?”

Authorities have started the search for the individual responsible for inspiring the fad. A lavish medal ceremony and a ticker tape parade are already being planned.


One comment on ““Yoga Pants in Public” Innovator to Receive Congressional Medal of Freedom

  1. Congressional medal of Freedom??? This guy should be canonized! The things he’s done for society are simply immeasurable.

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