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Pro-knife movement to arm unborn babies

Congress Steve Stockman (R-Texas), pro-knife advocate, has introduced H.R. 1526, the Weapons for Unborn Act of 2013 – a bill to require doctors performing abortions to arm unwanted fetuses with a choice of close combat weapon. “I have one concern:…

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Study: 98% of Internet Users Admit their ROFL is Just LOL

A new study was released last week detailing various online practices of users across our interconnected globe. Needless to say, some appalling facts have come to light. Apparently, the vast majority of web surfers suffer from something called lying. Basically,…

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Husband Doubts His Wife’s State of Intimacy (Comic)

If you love your wife, and you doubt that she might love you quite as much back, then you are not alone. Just talk to her and communicate your feelings, and before you know it, the answer will become evident…

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