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Re-electing Barack Obama is a Real Problem for Americans

Washington, DC ( – During the hot days of summer, and even hotter presidential race political statements, the foray of barbs, lies, slander and innuendo fly as thick as gnats on a sticky summer’s evening. Perhaps the funniest is the…

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Fox News to Add Laugh Track

NEW YORK CITY, NY – The Fox News Network has announced plans to include a laughter track in its daily broadcasts in an effort to aid viewers, who have reportedly struggled to decipher between the show’s serious and humorous segments….

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Leaked Diary from Obama’s Secret Girlfriend

“Obama was sexually warm, but emotionally cool, early girlfriend says” – headline from The Globe & Mail – May 3, 2012 Entries from the diary of Genevieve Cook reveal the details of Barack Obama’s first serious romantic relationship back in…

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Obama Charged With NDAA Violation

Hillary Clinton has declined interviews, saying “We will seek our attorneys,” over breaking news that US assistance to Syrian rebels in order to oust the Assad government, could violate the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act). Admittedly, the Obama administration is…

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