Palin’s Book “Going Rogue” Defective, Recalled

HarperCollins has recalled all copies of Sarah Palin’s Book, “Going Rogue” and has agreed to refund the purchase price to anyone who wants it. According to a late-breaking press release, the title of the book is missing an extra word and no one caught it until now. The correct title of the book is “Going Rogue Hunting.”

A spokesperson for HarperCollins has indicated that this is one of the largest recalls ever in the publishing industry and agrees that “sometimes, just one misplaced or omitted word can really make a difference.”

HarperCollins expects to have corrected copies of the book ready for distribution within the next two weeks, and is offering an additional incentive to book owners to return the defective copies by offering a second book free, Glenn Beck’s “An Inconvenient Book.”


Sioux Tribe to Attack Wall Street from Within

It has recently been reported that the Lower Brule Sioux tribe of South Dakota has purchased the Wall Street investment firm Westrock Group. This marks the first instance of a Native American organization diversifying out of the gambling, jewelry and blanket markets.

Tribal spokesperson Oscar Get Many Ponies Leibowicz justified the $700 million purchase by stating that the tribe is fighting a 40% unemployment rate, decreased demand for Sioux blankets and jewelry, and lower profits from their Golden Buffalo Casino. Read more Sioux Tribe to Attack Wall Street from Within


Rogue Nation Throws Up a Little in Own Mouth

Fired up by Sarah Palin’s bestseller, Going Rogue, a grassroots movement appears to be taking root, one that embraces Ms. Palin’s style, her way of speaking, and her insistence on being an individual.

“We’re selling a complete rogue package for the holiday season,” says Lou Hoggert, manager of merchandizing for Wal-Mart. “For $26.99, you get Sarah’s book, a flag pin, and a stuffed pig wearing lipstick.” Read more Rogue Nation Throws Up a Little in Own Mouth


Not Guilty – by Reason of Being Asleep

A husband who killed his wife by strangling her while he was purportedly asleep and dreaming about fighting off a gang of burglaring scally yobs who broke into his camper van to steal the latest version of the X-Box video game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Mk 2 – has been cleared of uxoricide – the nice legal term for murdering the bitch. Read more Not Guilty – by Reason of Being Asleep


Rooting Out the Drug Problem

Sudhir Venkatesh, born in India, began to pursue his PhD in sociology at University of Chicago in 1989. He was studying under the eminent poverty scholar William Julius Wilson and volunteered to do field work on the causes of Chicago’s poorest neighborhoods.

Venkatesh was a thoughtful, handsome, well built, and a BRAVE Indian scholar, very much like many of our ECE Indian students here at Georgia Tech. Read more Rooting Out the Drug Problem