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The Madman Strategy of International Relations

The lessons that can be drawn towards the current Middle-East Peace Process The nuclear alert was based on a diplomacy-supporting stratagem Nixon called the Madman Theory, or “the principle of the threat of excessive force.” Nixon was convinced that his…

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Guinness Record for Nor-Kor Lady Driver

A North Korean woman is celebrating after passing her written theory and vehicle maintenance exam for a driving licence – on her 950th attempt – and too received a telegram from the Guinness World Records Book congratulating her. After sixty…

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Pub Crawl Criticized as Destruction Derby for Livers

A High Court judge sitting at the Old Bailey went totally ballistic and spit the dummy yesterday concerning the supposed ‘professional’ activities of a leisure company titled Carnage UK which organises drink-fuelled nights out for undergraduate student hooligans – one…

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Charles L. Wang extended biography

I lived a good life – a hard one, but I sleep peacefully at night knowing that I have made a difference in someone’s life…

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Ask Hank: No Stranger to Prison, Just Strange

Dear Hank, I’m a regular guy, I keep to my business and do work when I can. How come I keep getting arrested? -Frisked in Fresno Dear Frisked, Since you don’t really say what you are being arrested for, I…

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