World Leaders Bizarrely Riding Out Scandals Instead of Taking Up Better Jobs

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It has been a dark time across the world in recent weeks, with some of our biggest global leaders facing a stormy, bleak and tumultuous period. However, that’s enough about the bad weather, as our ‘top politicians’ have also been rocked by some fairly significant issues in their working lives too.

Both Boris Johnson and Donald Trump have faced a difficult time of it recently, with various challenges emerging as they attempt to steer us all to a brighter future. Despite that, they are both tackling their respective problems with all of the grace and dignity that we’ve come to expect, which is pretty remarkable considering they could have just given up and taken up some far better jobs instead.

A taste of the good life

In the past couple of weeks two pretty enticing job openings have hit the headlines, with the first seeing pizza delivery monolith Domino’s advertise for someone to sit and eat garlic bread for them for around $20 an hour.

Remains of the day” (CC BY 2.0) by Harlequeen

As CNBC outlines, the company’s job advert – which very definitely does not read like a less-than-veiled PR stunt or a desperate grab for attention – outlines how the best person for the role will have ‘never met a carb they didn’t like’. Furthermore, it also featured an impressive element of wordplay, with ‘you butter believe it’ having us rolling in the aisles and nodding in approval here at Glossy News Towers.

However, if that job was not exciting enough, Irish Roadtrip recently published a job posting asking for someone to spend a couple of months drinking Guinness in pubs across Dublin. Unsurprisingly, the ad went viral with 5,000 applications being received in 24 hours because, frankly, who would not want to do that? To put it bluntly, why bother with the stress of politics when you can eat garlic bread and drink Guinness all day?

Catch of the day

Saying that, you don’t get to the top jobs without having a real strength – or lack – of character and both BoJo and Donald have clearly chosen not to go for those jobs because they’ve noticed something us lesser mortals tend to gloss over. There’s a catch. There’s always a catch.

So many of us are guilty of forgetting this in our lives. For instance, as this page on casino bonus terms & conditions explained, many people who sign up to such sites don’t get the best out of them as they tend to ignore the small print and rules around special promotions and deals. Furthermore, how many of us take up a trial period or introductory offer just to forget about Ts and Cs and end up being charged a fortune anyway? It’s the way the world works.

In the case of the jobs, the catches are both pretty vital ones. First up, the Guinness drinking only involves visiting just seven pubs which, to be honest, is barely even a good session in this country let alone Ireland. Furthermore, in order to get the garlic bread job you need to move to Australia – something that frankly no one wants to do.

Chase your dreams

So when all of that is considered, perhaps Donald and Boris are right to try and keep hold of their current positions for now.

In fact, maybe they are just like the rest of us and are waiting for one of those great Netflix jobs to become available again? After all, who wouldn’t want to spend all day on the sofa carefully analysing episodes of Gilmore Girls? It’s clearly the dream.


Author: Dexter Sinistri

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