“WHY DO THE OTHER BOYS GET AWAY WITH IT?!” Kim Jong Un Defends Notorious Gulag System!

donald trump

Ardent sometimes-Trumper Kim Jong Un has come out fighting against dishonest ‘fake news’ media criticisms of his mass labour camp system.

It’s just so unfair! How came it’s all just find and dandy that Americans been allowed to mass-arrest millions of their own citizens in all these moist, mouldy, frozen commercial prisons with barely the absolute basics of food and water, and work them to the bone; but somehow, the moment WE start doing it, WE’RE the bad guys! I mean, there’s obviously some kind of terrible conspiracy going on here… People are saying stuff.

A bipartisan policy group known as Accountable $$$lavery, $$$tupid Hell-worthy Oligarchical Lunatic$ Experti$e $$$hitbags,

or A$$HOLE$, responds:

This is an absolutely outrageous attempt to defend the indefensible. In other words, downright unamerican! The clues in the word ‘commercial,’ douchebags! I have to say, I just LOVE how people are obsessively focusing on pedantic minor issues like the ‘living conditions’ (everyone knows basic bodily comfort is just subjective and based on feelings, anyway!), while ignoring the BLINDINGLY OBVIOUS POINT that these are MARKET-BASED labour facilities, NOT COMMUNIST ONES! I mean, JEEZ, dude… You gotta give us all credit for SOMETHING, AT LEAST!

In the meantime, the mainstream media are trying to find a comfortable middle ground between both positions.

Is it time for both sides to begin comparing notes???


Author: Wallace Runnymede

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