April Fools: The Silliest Tabloid Headlines So Far This Month!

Section 28er Tory Homophobes Denounce Putin and Erdogan’s Bigotry Against Gay Folk

Edgy: Obituary: Top ISIS Executioner Was Militant Vegan from High Wycombe.

Neocons Denounce ‘Rampant Belligerence and Violent, Abusive Tendencies’ of Iran and Turkey.

Labour Reshuffle: Corbyn Takes Farage as Shadow Minister for Spin, Nick Griffin as Community Relations Czar

Oh and here’s some bonus ‘Reality Satire!’

Jeremy Corbyn is ‘Sorry if You Were Offended’ by Labour Antisemitism!

Semi-billionaire Bernie Sanders worries that Amazon is getting too big! Har har!

Got any more funny ideas? Tell us below!





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