Beautiful New Cover for Political Satire Book!

My Gang of Sneers satire series already has four volumes!
We all know that Amazon is a huge market in general.
Indeed, one leading US politician has said it’s too big!
Still, royalties gonna royalty, or at least they SHOULD gonna! I need my money!
So, please enjoy the beautiful new cover; much better than the previous two rather boring attempts!
Please enjoy the preview below too.
Please note that this is a short, light-ish, funny book; so perfect for an easy Spring read!
By the way, I’ve recently made some corrections; always worth coming back once in a while.
The other ebooks are beginning to look pretty damn sexy too!

Author: Wallace Runnymede

I've been writing satire for many years, and I've been published on many sites! Follow me on Twitter, and have a look at my books on Amazon! I've also had some poetry published by Sad Press recently: look out for 'Centrifugue!' I am also a founding member of the #AutisticDarkWeb: check the hashtag out on Twitter! Money's tight, so please consider dropping me $1 a month on Patreon (see link below). All my Patreon subscribers get certain benefits, including exclusive content, way in advance of anyone else!

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