GN Video: North Korea Cat/Human Food… Mini/Tremendous Golf?!

Haters gonna hate; and nobody has more haters than North Korea, for some explicable reason.

It’s no wonder Lil’ Kim has been borrowing Trump’s rhetoric.

Then again, being a Hermit Princeling with Crabs (WALLACE TO BRIAN: I think that’s how I’m meant to say it?) ain’t no joke.

We ain’t afraid of no bad food.

Or are we?


I hope you enjoy this funny feast we’re serving up for you.


There aren’t any mile-long queues either!

And while we’re on the topic of North Korea. You know how Kim Jong Il managed to break a certain golf record on his first ever attempt?

Well, I bet he can’t  manage mini golf!

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By Original: Vector-Images.comConverted from EPS to SVG by: Oren neu dag, Public Domain, Link


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