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North Korean Jokes (As Though The Country Isn’t Enough Of a Joke On Its Own).

North Korean Jokes (As Though The Country Isn’t Enough Of a Joke On Its Own).

North Korean Jokes (As Though The Country Isn’t Enough Of a Joke On Its Own).

Why did the North Koreans run over the border to eat South Korean’s lawns?
They heard the grass was greener on the other side.

How many North Koreans does it take to change a light bulb?
Three – One to hold another on his shoulders to change it and one to explain what a light bulb is in the first place.

Why should we not be afraid of a North Korean H bomb?
Because they would have to use a fishing boat to deliver it and they never make it beyond fifty miles off shore.

What is a North Korean salad?
Grass with water for dressing.

Why does President Kim Jong Un have such a weird haircut?
That way if he gets kicked out as President he can get a part playing Larry in the next Three Stooges movie.

Why does Kim Jong Un have his dissenting General shot by anti aircraft guns?
That way he ‘Rest In Pieces’.

Why are North Korean restaurants never successful in Japan?
Because Japanese have not developed a taste for grass salads followed by shoe leather burgers with a side of tree bark and sugar flavored snow for desert. Plus they kidnap the guests.

Who employs North Korean fashion designers in Milan?

Why do the Chinese not fear a North Korean military invasion?
Their uniforms would all dissolve crossing the river.

Why are the North Koreans experiencing terrible hacking problems?
Commodore 93’s are easy targets.

How do South Koreans recognize North Korean spies in their country?
Hand him a road map of the area. If he doesn’t know what a road is, he’s North Korean.

A South Korean, a Japanese and a North Korean go into a restaurant. The South Korean orders kim chee with duck. The Japanese orders sushi with octopus. The North Korean waits until the other two have eaten their meals, then eats them.

Why are North Korean architects in big demand in Russia?
They build the cheapest gulags.

What is the leading cause of castration in North Korea?
Men getting their first pair of pants with a zipper.

What is the difference in attitudes about the Korean Cold war?
To the South Koreans the cold war is worrying about what Kim Jong Un will do next. For the North Koreans the cold war is about not freezing to death in the winter.


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2 Responses to “North Korean Jokes (As Though The Country Isn’t Enough Of a Joke On Its Own).”

  1. Kilroy says:

    Wrong rfreed. The number of North Koreans to change a light bulb is zero. They don’t have any.

  2. rfreed says:

    Actually Kilroy, they do have one- a dim bulb named Kim Jong Un.


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