Poem III: Charis & Potestas (A Poetic Dialogue)


If any of my poetry or meditations unsettle one among you

Please tune your heart to other dances

Just as ye’d have it

For any other mortal!



Is it, then, so easy?

As all of this?



If any of you are in a frail and vulnerable state

Skip lightly, thither

Just as you would trample

The stiffening corpses

Of all your other comrades.



And meanwhile, we needs must watch you stiffen?



Do NOT read,

When your heart has not yet

Attained unto the courage requisite

For such endeavours fierce as thon.



Says he of such mighty courage!



I do not merely reason aloud but (as it were)

Reflect aloud



Aye! And what hideous strains, then, be these?



Something that little bit deeper, and more equivocal.

Yes, I am making big life changes

But I want to use it to strengthen me, myself…

And not to bring down others.





This poem is part of a triptych (i.e. a set of three poems), called ‘Charis and Potestas.’ It will appear as a supplement to an existing ebook of mine: Foaming the Optics. 

Feel free to catch the book in the meantime. But what about the updated version, complete with Charis and Potestas? Well, this will be available for download by 1 December 2017.

The ebook of Foaming the Optics is free from 23-26 October 2017, on Amazon.

The previous two poems were published yesterday and the day before, here on Glossy News.

Image attribution: 

By NASA (http://solarscience.msfc.nasa.gov/surface.shtml) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Author: Wallace Runnymede

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