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UK’s National Union of Students Declare Holocaust Verboten (1/2)

UK’s National Union of Students Declare Holocaust Verboten (1/2)

Notable Champagne-Humanitarian-Edgy-Rhetorical-Club, the NUS (National-Kropotkinite Union of Sympathisers) have taken advantage the most wonderful time of the year…

By sneaking in a typically highly creative and imaginative motion before the Xmas lull.

The motion, translated from the original Pig-German, reads as follows:

Holocaust Memorial Day must be verboten in all UK universities.
The commemoration of the Holocaust is impermissible for several reasons.
First of all, the unaccountable and illegitimate Zionist regime in Palestine is much worse than the Nazis.
Therefore, it is completely unfair to the various integral synthetic components of the Palestinian community at our universities to commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day…
When something immeasurably worse than the gas chambers of Auschwitz is being perpetrated upon every single Palestinian individual in the whole of Palestine, every single moment of their lives.
Secondly, those who moralistically condemn Hamas are taking a one-sided and partisan view. The Hamas boss, whatever his name is, is just a strong leader in a tight place who just did what he had to do.
And it is absolutely undeniable that hate speech about Hamas also makes Palestinians studying in the UK feel very unsafe.
Yes: one correspondent I recently imagined told me that every time they see a French, US, Australian or other EU news channel referring to Hamas as “terrorists” (sic), they are terrified that a violent gang of vicious Zionist Stormtroopers are just going to burst through the door of their uni accommodation in London…
And viciously behead them and their housemates, steal their livers, and sell them to the equally Zionistly-wicked Daily Express catering staff.
This, needless to say, is by no means an exaggerated fear. Many students I’ve represented, including many white, middle-class Trotskyites and achingly edgy champagne Bukharinites, have suggested that the Mossad and the IDF have already secretly penetrated millions upon millions of UK universities…
And that this trend is only likely to deepen immeasurably and ineffably further, unless the fascistic Zionist state is held to account.
Bear in mind also that UK universities are heavily dependent on funding by the evil Zionist regime, and that the Zionists also control the media.
…No, no, no! Not the Jews, but the Zionists. The NUS does not support antisemitism. Antisemitism is kind of bad form in this day and age.
And in any case, that’s a completely different matter, after all 😉
So as regards criticising Hamas; this will now be universally acknowledged to be a form of hate speech.
I mean, why do people condemn Hamas and not (say) the Khmer Rouge, Mussolini’s Italy, Genghis Khan, Cyrus of Persia, or…
(Sorry, Wikipedia just crashed, but I’m sure you get the picture).
Thirdly, the Holocaust is opportunistically mobilised by many disabled individuals…
Erm, sorry, integral synthetic components of the disabled community…
In order to criticise what these evil psychos and sexist loonies hatefully and disingenuously characterise as “disability-selective abortion.”
So in future, anyone who is remotely tempted to express such malignant and dehumanising views, such utter paranoid hatred and misogynistic contempt for the female community, will be disciplined.
This is an exceptionally blind, crippling and sociopathic form of hate speech, and there can be no place whatsoever for such vicious lunatics and lame-arse nutters at our universities.
And why don’t these dumb fucks talk about something more important instead, like the representation of disabled people on Radio Four or in 80s trip-hop or something? Talk about bloody priorities, mate! (FFS! These guys are just retarded, I swear!)
Fourthly, the Holocaust is also opportunistically mobilised by Freemasons.
But then, the New World Order are actually controlled by the Freemasons; I’ll let you do your own research online for that one.
Fifthly, it’s alleged that many integral synthetic components of the:
LGBT-something-or-other-blah-blah-blah-bloody-boom-boom were massacred in the Holocaust.
However, while LGBT rights were certainly an achingly fashionable mainstream-progressive cause in the 1960s, they are now a fundamentally reactionary, conservative, homobourgeois phenomenon.
99% of LGBT activism now is…
Yeah, wait for it!…
Generally it is….
I.e., utterly conformist, mainstream and non-edgy.
Oof! Bet you didn’t see that one coming, mate!
Hence, our national student community in the UK unanimously condemns LGBT activism as it currently exists, and anyone who disagrees (especially cynical, paid-up, self-loathing comprador intellectuals from abroad that cannot be deemed as speaking for their own people), should be silenced by any means necessary.

See responses next time!



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