Donald Trump’s Black Voter Outreach Ends in Fake Rapper Disaster

NOTE: This was published a while back on The Spoof. However, the endless attempts of politicians to get ‘down with the kids’ remains a constant marvel, that has stood the test of time.

The Donald has tried to reach out to black Americans by staging a highly contrived music battle with his deadly rival and well-nicknamed enemy, Ted Cruz. However, he hasn’t had much success.

Man nah vote for Ted Cruiser, dis dull Establishment GOP loser!

Man will nah vote, dis guy a jerk!

Him Cruz Canadian, nah let man jive ‘n’ smirk!

Man never vote for nah Teddy Cruz,

Trump have fi win, me man dem Teddy lose!

Cruz has hit back with an equally pathetic attempt at cultural appropriation.

Man nevvah vote nah Donald Trump.

You want nah want to build on nah broken stump.

Me never vote in 2016

Him be Democrat or GOP.

Man never vote, nah Trump for me!

Man nevvah vote nah Donald Trump.

Kanye West was contemptuous of this feeble attempt to reach out to black voters.

You freakin’ kiddin’ me? These bitches need to get with the times!

I got no respect for loser rhymes!

Nobody’s into that cultural appropriation trash any more.

Republicans, they just freakin’ make me bored!

Does Ted Cruz seriously think he can play with the Biggy K?

He’s the next L L Cool J, Kanye say!

And as for that guy Donald Trump,

He can kiss right here,

Just watch his slump!

Trump is apparently distraught at the threat Kanye’s non-endorsement poses to his campaign.

Kanye, Kanye, listen! I know you love me, the rappers, they love me, everybody loves me! I can make a deal with anyone!

But there is no sign of any further progress for the Trump bandwagon.

So… maybe he and Cruz should finally think a bit before they open their mouths!


Originally published:

The Spoof.

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Author: Wallace Runnymede

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