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Fox News Host Carlson Accuses Meteorologist of Political Bias

Washington, DC- Conservative political commentator Tucker Carlson surprised viewers when he leveled accusations of political bias against Fox News Senior Meteorologist and weekend cohost of Fox and Friends, Rick Reichmuth, during a segment on Tucker Carlson Tonight, last Wednesday night….

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NEW Trump Cartoons! Definitely NOT Fake News! (Or Counterfeit Pictures!)

Welcome to our funny new Cartoonist, Up Chuck! First of all, we have an important question: Can a Narcissist Ever Get the Love he Needs?!

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7 Perfect Reasons Not to Do Anything About Climate Change: (Courtesy of the Republican Establishment)

Arrogance & Presumption! The Created is not the Creator. By trying to overwhelm the mighty forces of nature, you are giving glory to creations of God, mere mortal flesh; and not the Creator himself.

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