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Libertarian Third Camp: Preliminary Notes

By analogy with the Socialist Third Camp, the Libertarian Third Camp will avoid ‘pragmatic’ compromises with neoconservatives, homeless humanitarians and bourgeois cosmopolitans (First Campers). The pragmatist temptation is always there for libertarians, and it must be staunchly resisted.

The Libertarian Third Camp will also oppose the Second Camp: barbaric Third World dictators, who propagate and wield backward, primitive, regressive ideologies like Islam and Communism.

On the one hand, woke pragmatists and centrists. On the other hand, Libertankians.

What kind of future do you see ahead of us?

Further reading:

7 Reasons Why the Alt Right are Wrong, Irrational & Irrelevant! (Brief Preliminary Notes)

  1. The Alt-Right believe in collective interests and group rights. But there are no collective interests, and no group can rightly be considered an object of moral concern. Only individual wellbeing and interests exist; only individuals are proper objects of moral concern. Racial interests do not exist.
  2. The Alt-Right divert people away from legitimate discussions on values, by distracting them with the illegitimate red herring of race.
  3. The Alt-Right are motivated by Nietzschean ressentiment. They follow a slave morality of bitterness and hatred, whereby their sense of the true and objective hierarchy of value is lost.

4. The Alt-Right do not accept constitutional checks and balances on violence.

5. The Alt-Right are driven by victimhood and entitlement.

6. The Alt-Right do not accept the undeniable and unmistakable fact that history is made by people, i.e. by individuals. They believe history is made by abstract collectives. This is a morally and intellectually fatal error.

7. The Alt-Right are irrationalists, nihilist and polylogists. Their subjectivism and relativism strongly resembles the postmodern left.

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