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Medium Tags: Don’t Forget Foreign Words

Don’t forget that with your tagging strategies on Medium, you can find non-native English speakers; or more broadly still, speakers of other languages. Read the full story


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Things You Should be Doing as a Medium Blogger: But You’re Not Already! (2/2)

Sharing All Your Original Posts on Social Media

Don’t be too selective! You can set up automation for Facebook and Twitter; sadly, I don’t see any option for other social media platforms right now.

Will that change in the near future?

Sharing a Selection of Your Responses

I suspect that responding a lot to what other people have written helps you get attention, directly; and also boosts your reach and/or SEO. I haven’t got a source for this, but this sounds a very reasonable speculation. (Feel free to comment below, if you know anything more!)

However, tweeting or Facebook-sharing every last little response seems pedantic to me. People may get bored and switch off.

Also, unlike original posts, responses are not shared automatically.

If you want your response to be shared automatically, you should first of all make sure responses are switched on; and then you should make your responses into an actual article. In order to do this, try putting the title of your response into big header style; rather than small header, or indeed plain prose.

Respect Medium Publications Who have Helped you Out

Showing gratitude to publications that have published you is good manners. It can also help cultivate relationships, by showing the editors and other writers that you care, and are grateful to them. Try sharing a lot of their articles, as well as clapping or commenting (whenever you see something you really like.

Or even link to them!

Like I’m doing here:

Other Voices

Hopes and Dreams for Our Future


The Wrytyr

Creating a Dedicated Facebook Page (Not Just Sharing with Your Friends!)

If you have a publication you are editing, that you are actually really serious about, you should consider making a fan page for it. Or a fan page for yourself. Or both. Unless you’re paying for ads, your reach may not be huge. But you can still try following the advice given here.


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