Acceptable Racism Breeds Unacceptable Racism

Guess what?

If you condemn moderate ‘honest brokers’ on the Israel issue and accuse them of ‘complicity with evil,’ then you open up the ground to bigots screaming ‘Zioliberal! Zionazi!

If you insinuate Arabs and Eastern Europeans are animals who must be brought to heel via humanitarian aggression, then you legitimize leaders who talk about banning Muslims or who make indiscriminate accusations of rape and pillaging against Mexicans.

If you accept ‘acceptable racism,’ then expect unacceptable racism as its necessary corollary!

Sadly, a remedy for a well advanced disease is even harder to find than some preventative measures.

If you thought it was OK to demonize moderates on the Israel/Palestine issue and to impose the white Man’s Burden on the so-called ‘Dirty Arabs’ of Iraq, the so-called ‘West Orientals’ of the Balkans, don’t start crying about how unjust it is that a ‘real’ racist is finally leader. You were kind of asking for it!

Sadly, however, it’s not you who will pay. It’s other innocent people.

Originally published on Jonathan Arts and Critique.


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