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Corbyn Blames “Zionist Media Conspiracy” for “Wholly Unfounded & Groundless Antisemitism Allegations”

After being accused a million times of promoting antisemitic and antizionist conspiracy theories, Jeremy Corbyn has decided the best way to fight back against such harsh, unfounded smears is to point out the REAL sinister, shadowy cabal of disloyal parasites…

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Chapter 11: Is it Good for the Jews? (Honest Adolph Volume III)

Saul Friedman sat and stared at the grave. “Lucy, Lucy, Luce-Luce-Luce,” he snorted, as he burst into tears. There was no frickin’ justice in this world; that’s one thing for sure, ah hah hah…

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Acceptable Racism Breeds Unacceptable Racism

Guess what? If you condemn moderate ‘honest brokers’ on the Israel issue and accuse them of ‘complicity with evil,’ then you open up the ground to bigots screaming ‘Zioliberal! Zionazi!

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