Salon Slam Slanderous Syrian Smearwork, Big Up Blair

Recently, we discussed a leaked Syrian intel document. It turns out that the UK government and the Tony Blair Faith Foundation have all been identified as violent extremists.

However, notable champagne socialist and latte liberal rag Salon objects strongly to this “hideous misrepresentation of the tragically beleaguered and oppressed humanitarian interventionist community.”

One radical Salonista tear-jerkingly (not to say circle-jerkingly!) notes:

The Tony Blair Faith Foundation are just somehow being made guilty by association with actual extremists… just like the Moderate Syrian Dissident Community!

Ohhh, would you just look at all this Humanophobic stereotyping.


The Tony Blair Faith Foundation aren’t killing anyone; they just happen to be making a strategic alliance with people that they strongly disagree with, purely in order to get something done! That’s not complicity, it’s just common sense!

A homeless Iraqi orphan with third degree burns and several missing limbs tell us:

Oh, really? Well, I guess that’s alright then!

Author: Wallace Runnymede

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