Syrian Intel Identify UK Gov, Tony Blair Charity as ‘Violent Extremists’

Syrian is currently in the middle of a fairly brutal and bloody civil war.

And yet, Syrian intelligence have still managed to find the time to pompously moralize and point the finger at some of the innumerable vicious and dangerous out-for-blood extremists and fanatics who, they claim, are trying to subvert and ultimately destroy their country.

A recent Wikileak from the Damascus authorities contains the following indictment of some rather familiar faces:

The consensus of the Syrian Intelligence community is that violent extremists working against Syria have two main tactics: hard power and soft power.

In terms of hard power, the UK government are conducting various acts of sabotage and aggression against states they consider to be either hostile to the current world order, or at least insufficiently subservient to the same.

The UK government, in line with other violent extremist groups such as the arrogant French government, the stubbornly defiant Australian government, and the rather weaker and less violent (but no less resentful and bitter!) Canadian government, are key perpetrators of humanitarian aggression and violent extremism across the globe.

However, the ‘civilizational jihad’ of belligerent Western governments, not unlike the civilizational jihad of the moderate political Islamist community, has a ‘soft power side’ or ‘cultural and ideological element’ too.

Hence, the Tony Blair Faith Foundation uses emotional manipulation, sentimental appeals to universal values and various strategies of subtle dissimulation, insinuation, and equivocation; in order to soften up vulnerable nation-states, in order that their ‘hard power’ allies may have a free ride inwards, in order to finish the job.

Unfortunately, it seems that Tony Blair, David Cameron, Theresa May, and a number of anonymous Cayman bankers, have all refused to comment on the validity of these allegations.

However, catch us in a few minutes for a couple of rather ‘interesting’ responses from other concerned parties.

Author: Wallace Runnymede

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