The UK Will Never Leave Europe: But Will We Have the Courage to Leave the EU?

Behind the distortions and exaggerations of both sides, one fact remains unshakable:

Europe is not the EU.

A ‘stay’ vote in tomorrow’s referendum is not a vote to remain in Europe.

A ‘leave’ vote in tomorrow’s referendum is not a vote to leave¬†Europe.

No matter how the vote goes, I can safely say to our friends in Europe, as an Anglo-Irish citizen of the UK and child of Europe:

We are not going anywhere!

We will only ever be a quick flight or sail away.

And to everyone in the UK I say, anyone who is unsure about how to vote, or who is struggling to decide whether their vote is even worth it or not:

Forget the fluff. Bin the trash and the propaganda by both sides, and cut straight to the heart of the matter.

Do you want to be a Little Europer?

There’s always Remain!

Or do you want to be both part of Europe, and part of a bigger world?

There’s always Leave!

How you vote, of course, really isn’t any of my business.

But it would be a shame if a lot of people were in two minds, and stayed at home anyway.

I can only speak for myself.

Not for the UK. Not for Europe. And no more can I speak for Glossy News!

But be brave!

Don’t you ever think one vote means nothing.



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