Red Ken Is Actually Trans-Jewish (2/2)

Labour Party

Hope you had fun the last time!


Not so much.

So, is Red Ken actually trans-racial, and indeed trans-Jewish, after all? Let’s see what me old China has to say.

Eh! Tell yer what lad, that’s well nice!

Eh! Ah think Ah could actually be a trans-Jewish meself, cos, yer know, know what Ah mean, me ‘as ad a nice WELL GOOD bagel the other day in the Islington EcoVedanta Smoothie Cafe, it went down a fahcking treat, did that!

Sometimes yer old Ken feel me be just an old Jewish lad trapped in a White-Anglo-Saxon-Socialist body.

Ah feel oppressed! Ah feel aggrieved! Ah feel mainstream media don’t care JACK SHITE about me, lad!

Hm. A bagel? Stereotypin’ much, me old son?

Eh! Eh! Eh!

Shaht it, just you shaht it now, yer flamin’ toerag! Ah fahcking hate you and your Zionist comrades in the shill media!

All lies! Lies! Lies! Lies! Bahrsterd, flaming, Zioliberal shill media lies!

NUS Supreme leader Malia Bouattia does us the courtesy of educating us ominously as follows:

You know what? I actually think Red Ken was a moderate.

Yes, we all need to get beyond this conciliatory bullshit like peaceful protest, peaceful boycotts…

And peaceful, non-violence-ridden and otherwise theoretically and practically meaningless Trans-Jewish identity politics.

And by ‘we,’ I mean me.

Well, just in case there should be any doubt on this matter!

I mean, it wouldn’t surprise. You fucking plebs are all thick as shit!  I don’t even know why I bother TBH.

#Hashtag #ProletarianEducationBlitzkrieg101

Still, nobody gives a rat’s arse what she thinks anyway, because the NUS are full of shit!

Eh! Eh! Ah blahddy lahve the NUS, Ah do! Don’t be so blahddy detrimental, lad! Eh? Eh?


Author: Wallace Runnymede

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