US Vote Entire Gov. Out of Office; Celebrations Ring Through Streets

American Voters Take Inspiration From Belgium and Get Rid of Their Government. – American voters, sick of months of a rabid and bilious Presidential campaign, today on voting day made a decisive choice of getting rid of their government altogether on the write-in section of their ballots.

Scribbling in a ‘No More Government’ vote, they have essentially erased the Federal government from the books and from their lives.

Inspired by the Belgians who, sick of partisan antics that were costly and didn’t reflect the desires of the people any way, they went on as a goverment-less nation for over two years, enjoying their new freedom from politics and having mass celebrations every anniversary to cheer their unencumbered lives.

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Washington was shut down, politicians ousted and a strange and wonderful peace fell over the town. People danced in the street and had bonfires at night using pages of the Congressional record to warm themselves. Former lobbyists and lawyers were seen at street corners begging for change or, more true to character, trying to pickpocket passersby.

Ex-Senators and Legislators held signs saying “Will legislate for food.” only to be ignored and mocked by the joyous crowds who would but well chewed wads of gum in their outstretched cups.

So festive was the group that they were joined by thousands from all across America. Unlike Belgium, the did not wait a year to celebrate their liberty from government, they decided to have an anniversary street party every weekend.

Fortunately matters did not get to the point as they did in Belgium where a Senator actually asked people to refrain from sex until a new government was installed (True! Study it out!)

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