Hurricane-Struck PA Vote Complete, Romney Claims All 5 – The republican vote in the state of Pennsylvania has been completed and tallied. All 5 votes were reportedly allocated to two-time presidential hopeful and failed former Governor Willard Mitt Romney.

The democratic observer at the polling place has filed an official complaint over voter intimidation for the count, which drove up the number of Republican votes, which is expected to delay the results from becoming official.

Right: Pennsylvania, as close as you can get to Kentucky with teeth. (Click to Enlarge, but really why would you?)

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The observer noted that when the Schoener family arrived it appeared that Matt, the male head of the family, was arguing with Valerie over her potential vote, at one point saying, “Seriously? What like to be ironic or something?”

It is unknown if this complaint will delay the confirmation of the overall vote for the state, or if it will have an impact on the national tally, but we would say that since we need a horse-race to keep our business alive, don’t we?


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