Joe Walsh (R-IL) Yells At Voters, What Is Freakin’ Wrong With You? – Illinois one term congressman Joe Walsh created a spectacle outside a rural voting precinct this morning when he lashed out at several voters who snickered at him after voting for his opponent.

The congressman, never known for being balanced in policy or mentally, finally tired of the constant ridicule from his constituents and started taunting them for not voting for him. Several people were extremely offended by his off-color language and impressively racist statements.

Right: Congressman Joe Walsh reacting to his impending election defeat. (Do Not Click Photo to Enlarge… Don’t do it.)

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June Bekon, a long-time republican voter explained, “I’ve seen a lot of cookies in my life, but that dude really is more nuts than dough.” An obvious reference to his alleged avoidance of paying child support during the past few years, despite knowing that public life would lead to scrutiny.

Election officials were at a loss with how to deal with his outbursts and have discussed whether to just let him rant or point out to him that he was completely naked in hopes that he would simply leave. Ultimately police were called.

Author: Mike Kelly

I like finding the humor in politics. Sometimes what you hear isn't that far from the bizarre.