Vladivostok to sever ties with the Commonwealth of Independent States

Vladivostok a population of 600,000 and Administrative Center of Primorsky Krai is seriously considering ending its membership in the Commonwealth of Independent States.  The city sits on the Muravyov-Amursky Peninsula that is thirty-two kilometers long and five kilometers wide.

Yurin Yurkovich Gusev, spokesperson, stated that, “The relationship in its current form is untenable.  The leader, Putin, his security council, and the parliament want to bring back the old days where ninety percent of the people were the State’s property of the Bolshevik Communist Party that only comprised ten percent of the population.”

Yurin is referring to the days when the Bolshevik Communist Party, representing only three percent of the population, seized government control from the three-hundred year reign of the Czar, a royal monarchy.  The Bolshevik’s executed the Czar, his wife, his three daughters, and his only son.  The remaining population became State property.  When the Party collapsed in 1991 only ten percent of the population was members of the Party.

“Putin yearns for those days,” Yurin continues.  “I do not see why anyone would yearn for the days when all but a few were the slaves of the Bolshevik Communist Party.  Putin could have spent his days strengthening the people by expanding their freedom but instead strips them of their fundamental human rights.”

Yurin adds, “With most of Russia’s troops removed from here and on the western border with the Ukraine we thought it might be a good time to leave.  We thought, as an independent state, we could develop trade with Japan and South Korea in some form of tri-lateral manufacturing and processing agreement.”

Yurin concludes by saying, “Very few of today’s nations are communist; China, Vietnam, North Korea, and Laos are in Asia.  In Latin America of course, Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Cuba.  The United States still has millions of them from the days of the Cold War; always causing them trouble.  We don’t want to be communists.  We want to leave because Putin’s heart desires enslavement.  We are not in his heart.  We are in his heartlessness.”

Author: Zajacz

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