Welcome to Texafornia, A Modern Day Fable

Dr Seuss just might tell the modern-day fable of the great California angel-winged socialist migration to the land of the Great Satan, Texas, this way:
Virtuous socialist rich folks, the Richies, who voted for the Wokie heehaws in magical California could easily afford higher heating costs. However, the other major branch of the California socialist family, the Gimmestuffians, who voted for non Wokie heehaws, either could not afford the higher cost or simply did not want to pay it. Neither branch wanted the Greatsatanists, who lived in Texas, and who did not vote for heehaws, producing the evil fuel they needed to keep them warm when the renewable Mr Wind and Ms Sun the Richies hired to heat their California homes took a vacation and decided not to renew for a while. This increased seasonal demand for the evil fuel product caused the much higher evil fuel costs Gimmestuffians did not want to pay. Furthermore, Richies did not want to transfer their own wealth through higher state taxes to their Gimmestuffian brethren to keep them warm. Instead, they implored Fedenstein, the bully Federal king who ruled overall as far as the eye could see, to force the Greatsatanists to subsidize Richie family virtue by way of evil fuel price and distribution controls. When Fedenstein eventually gave in to the Richies and issued an Evil Fuel Control edict, Greatsatanists threw a temper tantrum and stopped producing evil fuel for everyone except themselves. This resulted in a dearth of evil fuel supply everywhere outside of Great Satan land.
Eventually, the freezing Richies left the freezing Gimmestuffians behind and moved into the Greatsatanist house to keep warm. The vegan Richies immediately shooed the Greatsatanists’ flatulent CO2 emitting moo moos and cholesterol-laden beefy snort snorts from the pasture. They also threw out all the boom boom shoot toys that Greatsatanists played with when they were not making evil fuel. They then planted magic granola in the vacated fields. Enough of them migrated to the land of the Great Satan that they banded together and elected Wokie hee haws to rule Great Satan land. The Wokie hee haws banned boom boom shoot toys and required magic granola planting set-asides in the fields. They banned evil fuel rigs. Everyone was required to have a windmill in their kitchen and no one was allowed to have a gender under their recently enacted mandatory Purposely Ambiguous Pronoun law. 
The Richies took to calling most Greatsatanists “steeple people” for their strange habit, during Richie Sunday morning yoga meditation, of going to a steeple house to look up and speak in unison to some invisible cisgender male spirit in the sky. The Richies thought the strange habit quaint but were unaware the steeple people were asking the invisible spirit for the return of their moo moos and snort snorts and boom boom shoot toys. They implored the spirit to drive the Wokie hee haws out of their government, remove the windmills from their kitchens and replace them with kitchen evil fuel rigs. They also asked the spirit to please change the diet of the state pet, the boll weevil, from cotton to granola so they could rid their fields of the magic granola infestation brought on by the Richies. They wanted to plant grass for the day their moo moos and snort snorts returned so they would have something to eat…that is, assuming the Richies had not smoked it before their return.
In the end, the invisible spirit granted the wishes of the steeple people. The moo moos and snort snorts happily chewed away in grassy fields. The boll weevils were in withdrawal from their granola addiction, and the Wokie hee haws were driven from the state capital. Windmills disappeared from kitchens to make room for boom boom shoot toys to be stored in the pantry. Newly installed kitchen evil fuel rigs were run on the same cycle as the dishwasher. The changes caused furious Richies across Great Satan land to pick up and move in a huff to Austin to live with the native Greatsatanists living there who had always been Wokie hee haw friendly. They then defiantly changed the name of the city to Austafornia. This prompted the Greatsatanists to finally do something they always considered doing when the city was Austin but never got around to doing. They disassembled the wall they built on their southern border to keep border crossing varmints out and reassembled it around Austafornia to keep the Richie varmints and their misguided Greatsatanist friends in.The always charitable steeple people returned weekly to the wall and tossed huge sacks of Greatsatanist government surplus magic granola over the walls for all Austafornia inhabitants except those who ran preborn baby go away factories. The two diametrically opposed political jurisdictions eventually worked out a free trade agreement involving merlot and beer. Can you guess which side of the wall imported the merlot and which side the Budweiser?
And they all lived apart in Great Satan land happily ever after. The end.

Author: Chuck Ferrara

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