Glossy News Has Some Other Amazing Projects! Here are Just a Few!

Dear friends and fans of Glossy News:

Yesterday we reminded you about our exciting Facebook page and Patreon: please do generously support our amazing writers!

But today, we’d like to tell you about some other amazing things!

First of all,

there’s an amazing game here you just have to try! Check it out on Amazon now.


do check out Brian’s Youtube Channel, which has over thousands of subscribers already; but we need plenty more!

There’s also a dedicated podcast channel:

Check out the trailer for the Bobby Joe movie, an epic mockumentary from the ‘How Things Do Be Made!’ guy!


So, that’s all for now! Remember to share this article, and let’s help us all really make it big!

Author: Wallace Runnymede

Wallace is the editor of Brian K. White's epic website, Glossy News! Email him with your content at (Should be @, not #!) Or if you'd like me to help you tease out some ideas that you can't quite put into concrete form, I'd love to have some dialogue with you! Catch me on Patreon too, or better still, help out our great writers on the official Glossy News Patreon (see the bottom of the homepage!) Don't forget to favourite Glossy News in your browser, and like us on Facebook too! And last but VERY MUCH not the least of all... Share, share, SHARE! Thanks so much for taking the time to check out our awesome site!

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