Click, Watch, Share! The Most Memorable Glossy News 4k Podcasts (I)

Although Brian has a general Youtube channel for Glossy News, you can actually see, share and shhhhhenjoy some of the best Glossy News stuff at the parallel 4k Podcast channel!

1. Humor and Head-Stuff!

First of all, here’s an important interview with the multitalented Dan Geddes of The Satirist!

2. Lock, Stock & Two Blazing Headpieces!

Secondly, a VERY high profile interview with Jason Statham, prominent tough guy English actor!


3. Wild Wild Mics

And speaking of high profile people from the arts: how about Joe Francis from Girls Gone Wild?


Isn’t that just amazing? Make sure you subscribe to the channel for MORE!

Author: Wallace Runnymede

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