Locker Room Talk Role Reversal: What Happens When Women Start Talking Like Men?

Male human

A while back, controversial US President Donald Trump got in trouble over some sleazy comments about women, which he dismissed as mere ‘locker room talk.’
While Trump is trying to fend off criticisms of malfeisance over Stormy Daniels, let’s try and imagine what would happen if women started doing actual locker room talk about men.
This dialogue kinda creeps me out a bit…

Hey girls, look at that nice piece o’ dick!

Oh my God, I haven’t had a dick in months.

That boy sure looks hungry for it!

Ha ha look at that thing squirm! Everyone knows he’s gagging for it! Don’t be coy now.

Wow, d’you see them abs, girlies? Imagine what I could do to those fuckin’ balls of his.

“I have a girlfriend?” Ha! Ha! Ha! Anything to appear honorable. We know what you boys want, you’re all the same.

You know what, I really admire a nice piece o’ dick who can just go out there, and get what he wants. Don’t be shy now, son!

Oh, we’re blushing now, are we?

C’mon boy, come over here and let me snap that dick in two!


Author: Wallace Runnymede

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