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Jesus & Mary Chain Parody: Because I’m John McCain!

Jesus & Mary Chain Parody: Because I’m John McCain!

Step up to the trigger button

Nuking everything I see

Iran must blow, I got the feelin’

Korea will be on her knees

Burning civilians? Yeah we cool

Gotta go break them Geneva rules

Sing like a Songbird, I will tell you anything

I would sell my soul for you

Selling out the US for nothing

I would betray my bros for you

Don’t know why, don’t know why

They expect me to be silent, I’m a talkative guy

And I tweet so loud

And I sing so good

You must wonder how I do that

Maybe it’s because I’m John McCain!

I’m your John McCain

We bombed you from the sky

My speech sure gonna fly

And my lips tweet Commie propaganda

Guess why? Because I’m John McCain

I’m gonna be your whore

Look at me haw-hawing something

That’s gonna cause my comrades pain

Like I got no brain

My boys say ‘Tell ’em nothing’

But I wanna tell you something

I’m gonna make sure nothing

Shuts me up

Guess why that is?

Because I’m John McCain!

Because I’m John McCain!

I’m gonna make sure I tweet something

Guess why?


John McCain Releases Edgy Beach Boys Parody (Bomb Bomb Bomb, Bomb-Bomb Iran!)

WHY Iran? (Parody of a Mark Knopfler Classic, with Apologies to the Current President of Syria)

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