After Demise of Islamic State, Merkel to Invoke Harsh Laws Against Critics of the ISIS Caliph

After prosecuting millions of ‘innocent’ Germans for insulting Donald Trump, strong leader and critic of lying news media distortions Angela Merkel has decided to punish ‘disrespectful’ critics of the ISIS Caliph.

Merkel says:

A lot of our citizens are saying that the ISIS Caliph is a brutal barbarian, and therefore deserves no respect.

But I am afraid this simply will not do. As my administration did say about Donald Trump, as quoted in The Satirist, one cannot simply resort to mere arbitrary and subjective moralistic scruples, in order to determine when the law is followed, and when it is not.

If your lèse-majesté  laws forbid insults against a foreign leader, including but not limited to blasphemy, then it matters but very little who the leader is, or what you think about them.

The problem nowadays, with weak and flaccid dictatorships of mediocrity, like England and Greece, is that people are just so terribly, terribly selective about the enforcement of our laws.

Just like the English, who want to have special treatment and special rights; and just like the Greeks, who want to ride roughshod over the laws of economics (and the economic laws of the EU, insofar as there is a difference!); so also do Islamophobes and also ISISphobes desire to be the ‘special exception’ who may dare to breach our laws with impunity.

Not so! Sad to say, the people who are insulting this foreign leader are no different from those who insult any other foreign leader.

Alas: be it Donald Trump, Kim Jong Un, Ayatollah Khameini or the King of Saudi Arabia, we cannot simply make arbitrary exceptions; purely because some individuals, out of an over-enthusiastic and misguided sense of entitlement, wish to show contempt for the law.

If we do not have the rule of law, we have nothing. I hope those who have arrogantly defied our laws will come to regret their foolishness in due course. When it comes to the law, there are no exceptions, and nobody on earth can expect special treatment and unearned privileges under an Angela Merkel administration!

Mediocre campus radicals across Europe are ecstatic at Merkel’s epic woke centrist stance.

Image attribution: 

By Elza Fiùza/Agência Brasil – [ Agência Brasil, CC BY 3.0 br, Link


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