New Video Channel! Wallace Runnymede Video Bomb! (2/2) AND BOOK SALE TOO!

New Video Channel! Wallace Runnymede Video Bomb! (2/2) AND BOOK SALE TOO!

Whew! Did you just catch that?!

Here’s some more about my Youtube channel…

With a bit of info about a very, VERY special book deal too!


Right then.

What channels do I have?

Song parodies

I will NEVER monetize this channel, except if the parody relates to any public domain/out-of copyright songs! So… ZERO ads!

I Shouldn’t Do God

From Vol I of my free satire ebook series, Wallace Runnymede Satire Catastrophes.

For I Shouldn’t Do God and other books in the Wallace Runnymede Satire Catastrophes series, see also:

By the way… one last thing!

The first editions of ALL my CreateSpace books are reduced to the minimum price permissible until the end of January. This is because the first eds. will be phased out, in favor of some slightly more expensive (but still very reasonable!) 2nd editions in early February.

You can get them all here at the CreateSpace store:

Alternatively, ALL Amazon stores globally will have them. I don’t get as much of a profit from sales that come from Amazon stores, but that’s not such a big deal. ALL purchases are of great value to me!

As always, feel free to drop an objective or balanced review; also, if you want to know more about my books before buying, please feel free to email me.

Or, just download a free sample of the corresponding ebook (some ebook stores, including Amazon, do include this option).

Or even view a limited sample at Google Books! Excerpts of some of my books are available there too.

Thanks so much for your support!



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