Excuses for Religious Fundamentalism Also Apply to the Soviet Union

Why do the pure evil bought-and-paid bourgeois MSM only give negative coverage about the Soviet Union? Communism is not monolithic. You’re all essentialists! Anyone who was a true Marxist wouldn’t hurt innocent people. You never get to hear any positive news; Zionism and capitalism are to blame.

It will be responded that the analogy is not correct, because Sovietism is intrinsically evil, while the religion in question is not intrinsically evil.
True, it is not intrinsically evil; however, the point is that:
1. If there is coverage of negative phenomena, then the best way to stop such negative phenomena is for the negative phenomena in question to stop happening.
2. Of course it is not monolithic. Why anything morally consequential should follow from that is not clear. All human-invented worldviews, by logical necessity, are not ‘monolithic.’ So if this fallacious conversation-stopper is somehow an argument in itself, then by necessity, is is any ideology at all, regardless of its merits and demerits.
4. Your fallacy for today is: No True Scotsman. By that ‘logic,’ Christianity had nothing to with Loyalist and Republican terrorism, or (more embarrassingly still by far!) Judaism has nothing to do with Kahanism or violent and terroristic and extremist forms of Zionism e.g. the Stern Gang.
5. ‘Zionism’ and ‘capitalism’ (which are ideal abstractions and not actually PEOPLE, by the way), would have nothing to say if there was nothing going on. See point 1.
Secularism is about evenhandedness.
The excuses made by the AIU (anti-Islamophobia) are hilariously bad.
Individuals of all faiths and none have interests, and they have feelings and sentiments.
Religions don’t, and nor do any other worldview.
Doesn’t matter if it’s the Dalai Lama, the ISIS Caliph, the Myanmar Junta, the Jesuit Pope, Westboro Baptist Church, Gary North, Ayatollah Khameini, Mehdi Hasan, Meir Kahane, Pat Robertson, the Watchtower or Sea Org…
Same rules apply to all!
Islam may not be intrinsically evil; but the excuses used by the AIU would excuse even Sovietism, which latter certainly is an ideology evil without qualification.
That in itself suggests the fallacies above are not worth much to any remotely rational person.

Author: Wallace Runnymede

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