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After years of being  unfairly targeted for their principled anti-Saddam coverage, universally beloved and admired centrist news corporation CNN have finally acknowledge the debt they owe to free hearts across the world (a phrase they borrowed from Reagan and Maggie…

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REGIME CHANGE! African ‘Coalition of the Willing’ Swears to Save Oppressed French, Restore Human Rights

Given the widespread oppression and state terror the ruthlessly violent and unaccountable Macron regime is weaponizing against the valiant freedom fighters of the Yellow Jackets (Gilets Jaunes), a courageous and deeply altruistic alliance of humanitarian interventionists from former French colonies…

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TIME TO BOMB FRANCE! A Modest Proposal on Macron & The Yellow Jackets

Wow, it sounds like the European Spring is just leading to more and more state brutality and oppression of the French people! France is a failed state, and in order to fulfil its responsibilities to the international community, maybe it…

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Vive Les Gilets Jaunes! Poems for the Yellow Jacket Patriots

And the Last Cock Shall Crow Rise O Sons of Liberty! First children of the Church! Rise O Gallic Cock As on the first dawn,

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