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Cannabis Product Review & Resource Website Makes History with $1 Billion Internet Money Buyout Offer

(San Francisco, CA) WeedGear.com — A recently launched review and community participation website has announced that fictional character Towelie, famous for his role on South Park, has raised enough virtual currency through online pimping services to invest his $1 Billion internet dollars in becoming the web’s next marijuana mogul.

Waiting for his payout at the Department of Internet Money (DIM), along side Star Wars Kid, Grumpy Cat, and Cute Sneezing Panda, Towelie said, “Yeah, with all these big names jumping into the business of weed, I figured I’d better get on board. Those back-alley deals I was doing in the old days just weren’t paying off. Maybe it was because of my crack addiction. I can’t remember.” Read the full story


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Washingtonian Excited for Perils of Living in a Stoner State

Recently two states legalized the recreational use of marijuana: Colorado and my state, Washington. In full disclosure, even though, like Bill Clinton, I have never personally tried pot, I voted for passage of this law.

And I want to apologize for my decision. I had no idea that legalizing weed would unleash a tidal wave of chaos, undermining the social contract of this once great state.

For years, my parents, my minister and my 7th grade science teacher, Mr. Curtis, warned me about the dangers of marijuana. The critically acclaimed 1936 documentary film Reefer Madness proved conclusively that even a single puff of marijuana could lead to a life of heroin addiction, crime and attempting to French kiss nuns during mass. Read the full story


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Republicans Smoking Too Much Weed Again

Once again Republicans have been having drug deliriums from smoking too much weed. With regards to the stalemate on the shutting down the government (by the way, the WRONG parts of the government have gotten shut down- why are these guys still in the Congressional Hall arguing and not out filing for unemployment?) they have been claiming that the Obama administration has been refusing to negotiate and unwilling to extend a hand across the aisle. Read the full story


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Weekly Political Wrap Up Includes Syria’s Lack of Legitimacy

On Monday, President Barack Obama called for a big deficit reduction package to go along with raising the debt ceiling, saying to a reluctant Congress that “it’s time to pull off the band-aid. Eat our peas.”  Authorities are investigating why Congress is so battered and malnourished. Read the full story


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Montel Williams Caught w/ Drug Pipe; Sounds Like Episode of Montel

So here’s something fun and weird. Montel Williams was cited by the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office for possession of a marijuana pipe at the airport in Milwaukee. But is it strange that he had the pipe, that he was flying, or that he was in Milwaukee? Read the full story


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Possible Cause for Marijuana Addiction Discovered

LONDON (GlossyNews) — In groundbreaking new research, scientists at world-renowned Oxford University in Oxford, England have discovered that patchouli oil may cause marijuana addiction.

Extensive studies have been conducted over the past twelve years linking the use of the semi-popular fragrance to that of marijuana smoking. In order to complete the experiment, scientists and volunteers have been encouraged to bring in anyone off of the street who smells like patchouli. Read the full story


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Homeless “Hippie” and Dogs Arrested for Selling Marijuana to Teens

Venice Beach, CA (GlossyNews) — A local homeless man arrested yesterday has been charged with grand theft auto and selling marijuana to minors, according to police. Shaggy Rogers, known only as “Shaggy” on the street, was arrested after propositioning an undercover police officer with a marijuana cigarette that he called a “Scooby snack.”

After being taken into custody, police discovered that Rogers was also wanted for stealing a van owned by his business partner Freddy Jones of Mystery, Inc.  According to the stolen vehicle report, Jones told police he and Rogers had a falling out over the decline of their business, after which he discovered his “Mystery Machine” Van was missing along with his two dogs, Scooby and Scrappy-Doo. Read the full story


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Pot Growers Hire PR Firm to Develop Marijuana Marketing Plan

Los Angeles, CA – “The times, they are a changin’, again,” remarked Henry “Pops” Champion to a group of medical marijuana clinic owners and pot growers who all agree that it is time to finally pull out all the stops in getting marijuana prohibition lifted in California, and eventually, nationwide. Pops has been a lifelong smoker and proponent of legalized marijuana. Read the full story


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