ALPINE FANCIES! (Strange Splinters from a Celtic Carpenter…)

Speak for Those Who Judge You Feel Presumption (The Mountain Clown)

All this being said, we’ve had enough of these secondary sources, and second-hand opinions. Now we will let him speak for himself.

  1. Face value: Now I know what manner of man is this, what manner of woman she must be.
  2. Critical-Analytical I: Who are you to speak for him? Who are you to put words in her mouth?
  3. Critical-Synthetic II: True love always has an element of risk. I cannot but misspeak; but like Jeremiah, my heart cannot stay silent. If a wise man is known by his silence, and an imbecile by his silly words, let me then be a fool; but a fool for him, a clown for her.

Spiritual Capitalism: Centred in One’s Own Traditions

  1. Outside the camp.

O mine enemies! Depart from me, for my wrath is mighty, and my sword is sure.

  1. Behind the barricades.

Your lies shall not touch my beauty, and my integrity.

  1. Alas, a breach!

Well, let me then be a vagabond upon the earth, and gather honey where I may.

  1. Empty are the ruins

Unhappy, this return! I shall at least scrabble among the ruins; my hopes are hardly high.

  1. Jerusalem Edified

The city is in decent shape.

Let us trade and truck with strangers far afield; at times, it is pleasant to take one’s leisure, and exchange one’s spiritual capital with that of another.

We value the beauty of another, and yet we always love our homeland best of all.

To stray far afield is perilous; to stay home is all too safe.

We are risktakers, but not fools; we are prudent, but not over-nice.

Progress as Subjective, Not Objective

Like Karma:

A matter not of brute facts, but of historical receptivity.

Like prayer:

No witchery. Just receive, assimilate, reciprocate.

The Drunken Sailor on the Shore (Hen is Hen)

“Go now, brother, with all the blessing that Heaven can muster for your dizzy headlong flight beyond the stars.”

Closeness to Justice (Theosyzygos)

With the eyes of his soul, I saw a cat chasing a mouse. Eventually, the tormented mouse escaped. The cat returned, and gently tended to her kittens.

Do not judge too harshly those individuals who agitate and lobby with neither wisdom nor prudence. No matter how they may provoke you and many others, be wary of rushing into judgment.

For they are close to Justice.

And the one who is close to Justice, is close to God.

The Poor

Never be so foolish as to think that the one who asks alms of you is putting you in his debt. On the contrary, she has come bearing gifts to you. For a few crumbs of your wealth, however poor you mayself may be, you will gain a granary of joy and peace in the World-to-Come, which is even now coming into being; every jot and tittle as much hither-low, as thither-high.

Never fail to show gratitude to the poor. Because what you give them may disappear in time; but what they have graciously bestowed on you is an eternal gift.

Author: Wallace Runnymede

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