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Signing the Universal Health Care by Obama Barrack

Why this is the right thing to do from a religious point-of-view

Philosophers and Theologians have been dazzled for over a thousand years by one single-most important question, and here is what the buzz is all about:

A child is near death from a serious disease. There was only one drug that might save the sick child. But the sick child’s father cannot afford this cure even with his entire life long savings. Read the full story


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Obama Mastering Asian Arm Control

SINGAPORE, ASIA — US President Barack Obama shows every intent of mastering Arm Control Photo-ops (ACP-op) over Singapore’s PM Lee Hsien Loong, as seen here in our photo at the left. Once officially documented, Obama plans to continue on with the rest of the Asian heads of state. His final mastery will be the long awaited ACP-op with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev. Read the full story


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Fort Hood Massacre Not Terrorism, “Simply a Case of Islamic Involuntary Assisted Suicide”

Washington, DC: President Obama was quick to urge calm today in the wake of the Fort Hood Massacre. In his remarks, the President urged Americans “to wait until all the facts are in” before drawing conclusions as to the motives of the assailant, Army Major Nidel Malik Hasan. Read the full story


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Hey Rush! I’ve Got Some Satire I Wanna Sell You

What do you do when you’ve been outed on national radio trying once again to dish dirty lies about the President? If you’re Rush Limbaugh, you make up some half-assed excuse why you’re not a complete dumb ass for falling for yet another hoax. Seems Rush picked up on a story reporting that back in college, Obama wrote a thesis paper entitled “Aristocracy Reborn” that basically dissed the Constitution. NY Daily News has the whole story. Read the full story


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Obama May Target World Unemployment

National Enquirer – Part 3 of John’s Smith’s report of his time on Martha’s Vineyard posing as a landscaper at President Obama’s compound. Before he was discovered and removed by Secret Service agents, Smith managed to tape several strategy meetings Obama conducted with advisors. In the following transcript, the President leads a brainstorming session on correcting the nation’s dismal employment situation: Read the full story


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Obama Schools Speech Fiasco Amuses Kids

President Barack Obama has delivered a junior State of the Nation speech to American schoolchildren, broadcast live to classrooms across the entire good ole US of A – from kindergarten age to upper high school grades. Read the full story


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White House Claims Bush Torched California for Sport

New York – In the current edition of The Nation magazine, White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel charges that President Bush is personally responsible for burning California’s economy. Read the full story


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Secret Obama Health Strategy Leaked

Washington Post Associate Editor Bob Woodward revealed today that a high-level White House source has provided him with transcripts of Obama War Room strategy sessions. Read the full story


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Administration to Pre-empt Iran by Nuking Israel First

Washington Post Associate Editor Bob Woodward has released another transcript of a recent White House strategy session, this one devoted to the looming Iran-Israel confrontation. Read the full story


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Al Qaeda Split Over Obama Overtures

A source in al Qaeda’s inner circle tells Al Jazeera that hardliners oppose Osama bin Laden’s decision to alter the organization’s tactics in response to President Barack Obama’s overtures to the Muslim world. Read the full story


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Carville Named “Right Wing Threat Assessment Czar”

Washington – Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano introduced James Carville today as the Department’s new “Right Wing Threat Assessment Czar.” A political science professor at Tulane, Carville is inexplicably married to Republican strategist Mary Matalin. Read the full story


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US Fathers Pledge to Model Obama: Promise Kids Puppy If Elected President

Taking up the difficult charge requested of the nation’s newest president, fathers around the country have stepped up to make difficult choices and keep hope alive in the next generation. Many are doing this by emulating the exact behavior of Barack Obama and promising their dog demanding children that they too can have a puppy… you know, when dad gets elected president. Read the full story


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