Fun Any Time Of The Year – Specialty Haunted Houses

In the latest craze to hit the horror fan crowd are Haunted Houses designed for very specific groups. Each is tailor made to scare the bone marrow out of their target audience-

Gun Nut Horror House- Specially made to scare the beejeebees out of gun nuts everywhere. Projectors flicker images of headlines across the walls of pending legislation to control guns in different regions of the U.S.. A special theater constantly shows films in which gun wielders are done in by people, soldiers, mutants, monsters, space aliens, super heroes, etcetera who wipe them out with advanced technology or brute strength. For those with a survivalist bent there are also films in which an environmental, interplanetary, viral etc. disaster wipes out mankind including themselves. This house is enough to leave even the meanest cowboy trembling in his boots.

Liberal Horror House- Horrors of a Republican dominated government are the main theme of this scary house. Ronald Reagan, Bob Dole and Ann Coulter disguised zombies roam the halls terrorizing the Democratic pure of heart and munching on whatever brains they might have. The terror of hanging chads, redistricted neighborhoods, anti abortion laws and Scott Walker Presidential nominations are enough to give any liberal nightmares. Especially horrifying is Sean Hannity garbed as Dracula with a thirst for blue blood. FOX News provides the background soundbites. Read more Fun Any Time Of The Year – Specialty Haunted Houses


My Private Workout with Obama

[The following is a 100% partially true story].

People routinely accuse me of telling over-the-top fabricated stories in Glossy News. They make these outrageously unfair accusations just because I may bend the truth a tiny bit occasionally – and by occasionally, I mean not more than 80% of the time. (The other 20% I’m telling the truth, although, admittedly, that’s usually by accident). Read more My Private Workout with Obama


Three Reasons Obama Will Not Be Assassinated

Three Reasons Obama Will Not Be AssassinatedWith President Elect Obama within days of inauguration as the first black president of these United States, and tensions still running extremely high from the divisive campaigns run by all of the serious GOP contenders, there is very real talk, even in the news, of potential assassination plots against most historic president. One man has even been taken in to custody for his off-hand threats about killing the soon-to-be leader of the free world (though he also said he’d kill Bush, and wasn’t arrested for that.) But fans and critics alike can rest easy knowing that President Elect Obama is perfectly safe.

It’s easy for me to say, snug in the insulated woolen comfort of my less-than-posh office far on the left coast, but my reasons don’t come from nowhere � I know what I’m saying and I’m sure it’s right.

1 � Presidential Security is Already Tight
Following the Kennedy assassination, presidential security became something much more seriously considered than ever before. Following the attempted assassination of the even-then-popular president Reagan, they became tighter still. If you can’t shoot down a popular president in the prime of his approval ratings, you can’t gun down a figure following him.

Further, we’ve seen technological advancements in the last 25 years that have made such attempts even more difficult.

2 � Presidential Security is Tighter Now than Ever Before
Bush 43 was, by many estimates, an unpopular president. There were children sent to die, hundreds of thousands slaughtered wholesale overseas, and trillions in taxpayer monies squandered. Although he remained popular among the very rich (a class not especially known for their presidential assassination attempts in working nations) he had plenty of detractors. Some were vocal, many were crazy, and others were so bat-shit insane they couldn’t help but lob any WMD at him they had, even if it was just a pair of shoes.

If President George Walker Bush can survive record-low approval ratings, security is plainly higher now than ever before, and not just because nation fears only Cheney more than Bush, but bear in mind that Cheney’s whereabouts has seldom been disclosed since 2003 even to his own wife and homosexual children.

The early threats against Obama are already so great that I believe security will be stepped up a tad further, especially if the most powerful man in the nation has anything to say about it, which Barack certainly will.

3 � The Instant Martyr Deity Status
The biggest reason Obama’s life will not be taken is because the people most likely to take it is a member of the radical Christian right, specifically a racist. If Martin Luther King taught racist Americans anything, it’s that African American civil leaders struck down in their prime become, much like Obi Wan Kenobi, far more powerful in death than ever they could have been in life.

If Obama is struck down before he has the chance to show whether he can succeed or fail, he’ll become the only human figure in history more infallible than the Pope.

And if there’s one thing murderous racists won’t allow, it’s a deified Obama.

Sure we’d get 0-4 years of Joe Biden instead, but he was handpicked by Obama, and that’s probably just as bad. Worse still, in 2012, the groundswell of support for the next African American Obama-esque candidate would be insurmountable (especially if the GOP is even comically considering putting Palin on the ticket.)

Assassinated presidents have do-no-wrong mystique about them, and if Obama is elevated to such a status, every noble candidate forever will be compared to Lincoln, Kennedy, or Obama� and only one of those three is in millennium� which one do you think will reign supreme.

So although I have no doubt security is better than ever before, I think much of it won’t matter, since only the dumbest and most self-defeating of racists (isn’t that the only kind?) would ever be stupid enough to actually hope to succeed in such a terrible decision.