Donate to World 4 Washington Now! Let’s Halt the Economic Genocide of US Federal Workers!

Please show your compassion and open your hearts to the oppressed federal workers of the United States Government.
Although it’s hard to believe: even prior to the far right government shutdown, many destitute, impoverished, borderline penniless federal workers were scraping by on just $37 a day!
That’s even less than the miniscule, ludicrous sum of $6000 a month you would get if you rounded up to the nearest thousand!
Imagine the constant terror of starvation and homelessness.

How would you feed your family?
How would you be able to go on, knowing all you had to live for was a life of constant despair and misery? Remember, $37 dollars an hour is ONLY JUST enough to buy:
A few weeks of electricity.
Several pizzas.
A bottle of champagne.
A few dozen cans of beer.
A few hours of gasoline.
An engagement ring for your fiance.
Several months of landline or phone credit.
An annual subscription or two to Pornhub (or so our sources tell us).

Can you imagine if this was all you could earn in a hour?
Just multiply that utterly paltry sum by 20, or 30, or 40; can you imagine ANYTHING more horrifically exploitative, abusive and outright genocidal?
Please send $37 000 of your hard earned cash to World 4 Washington, via Western Union, and stand up for the oppressed heroes who are courageously suffering and enduring under the fascist dictator Donald Trump’s economic genocide of our hardworking US federal workers.
Be there for them, just when they need you most!

Share this now, and don’t let the orange darkness win!


Ann Coulter Grants Trump Permission to Reopen Federal Government… Finally.

Washington, DC- Political pundit, and current Trump Administration Minister of All Things Policy, Ann Coulter, granted President Donald Trump permission to end the federal government shutdown on Thursday, claiming she was bored with the lack of progress achieved after another fruitless round of negotiations failed to reach a bipartisan deal on Wednesday.

“Fuck it, I’m bored with this,” she wrote on her Shitter feed Thursday morning. “Bipartisan negotiations have failed. The Wall is dead. @TheRealDonaldTrump, I think you made my point. Please pass the CR NOW and reopen the government.” #FartOfTheDeal #WhoIn2020?

Many on the right were taken by surprise with Coulter’s Sheets, and voiced their displeasure with her shutdown reversal, which has entered it’s 27th day and is the longest in American history.

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Pelosi Agrees to Trump’s Wall… On One Condition!

The Lego Solution

By Saturday, the day the U.S. government came to a grinding halt, Washington, D.C. long-timer and incoming Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi had “had enough of the wall already.”

We all know how Pelosi feels about “the” Wall. After meeting with Trump and Chuck Schumer over the impending government shut down, she made some kind of statement about Trump’s manhood or something, and then the gloves (or in Pelosi’s case, the earrings) were off, power sunglasses on.

So, while most Americans were trying to decide if they liked the sturdiness-looking wall that costs way more than the slatty-kinda wall, that costs less because it will take less steel to produce and we all know with the prices China is charging us for steel these days… Well, it was a tough decision. I mean, cost consciousness without a soul, or give Americans jobs by allowing them to manufacture steel here so that more steel can be made, not to mention the shipping costs we’d save. Do you know how much it costs to ship enough steel slatty-things from China to build “a wall” from California to Louisiana? Read more Pelosi Agrees to Trump’s Wall… On One Condition!


Trump’s Government Shutdown: EXCLUSIVE Glossy News Expose of Previously Unknown Discussions!

Washington, DC- Previously censored footage has thrown some light on the recent shutdown decision, and on the deliberations made beforehand. 

First, the White House announced that President Donald Trump was unhappy about the latest Continued Resolution (CR), passed by Congress not long ago, which was to temporarily fund the government for an additional two months and avoid shutting down key agencies on Friday; but which also failed to provide funding for construction of a new wall at the southern border. Read more Trump’s Government Shutdown: EXCLUSIVE Glossy News Expose of Previously Unknown Discussions!