(GN Video) Class is Temporary, but Fraud is Permanent! Spyder and Rocky’s Eternal Car Scam

Note from Wallace:

Mainstream car dealers are sooooo mainstream.

Sure, you can go to some massive Ford dealership with some cigar-chomping asshole who doesn’t give a ___ about ya!

But why not really break the mold and go to some inexplicably miniature second-hand car salesman who really, really, REALLY doesn’t give a… well, whatever! It’s all about spin!

And speaking about spin, the wheels nearly come off when our Rocky ‘n’ Spyder try to flog the best of their wares.

(Uhhh, that was a metaphor.

Well, kind of.


Anyhoo! Enjoy the ride, my friends!)



On Tuesday October 10, we’ve got some unbelievable car-related news from Saudi Arabia that you definitely won’t have heard about! Something to do with women and human rights…

And it’s definitely not what you think!

Catch it soon!


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