Chapter 3: Schleiss & Dice (Honest Adolph Volume 2)

Otis yawned and poured himself another Southern Comfort. This time, it was President Milton Clement Schleisser’s response to Senator Willow’s speech on the recent warmongering. Some media outlets had not paid sufficient attention to Willow’s gestures of affection towards the repudiated Senator Friedman. Was Willow’s reticence cowardice or courage?

It doesn’t matter.

My opinion doesn’t matter.


‘And if mine don’t, yours sure as hell ain’t one frickin’ whit more consequential!’

Otis tried to summarise the speech, taking mental notes as went along.

Saul Friedman is an asshole.

Saul Friedman sucks. Read more Chapter 3: Schleiss & Dice (Honest Adolph Volume 2)