Funny Songs About the News Media

Some news media is hilariously bad.

However, humourists themselves have often turned to writing humorous songs about the media; or in the case of the first two songs here, actually satirising the media in a very savage way.


OK here’s a funny question!
If you’re from a country other than the UK, what’s the closest equivalent to the Dail Mail in your country?
I’m guessing Fox News for Americans?

Oh, and on that note: a very brave song about a much-maligned news channel.
Or fake news?
Depends on who you ask, really!



Oh dear…

Nice song, but I’m sorry:

True patriotism is about loyalty to the average citizen.

Not the dodgy political and media establishment.

You will find some people in the UK who have a misguided nostalgia for the BBC.

It’s a habit that’s hard to shake.

Got any more ideas? Leave your thoughts below. YouTube… or hell, any other video site at all!

Image attribution:

By Fox News Channel [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons



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