Final Two Friends Parodies Tomorrow! Plus Some News Media Parodies…

Thanks for your patience; it took me a while to get the final two instalments fixed up.

For which I do sincerely apologise!

We started off with Nazis, went on to some actual friends, and then had a general rogue’s gallery of dictators.

The next two are tomorrow: but what are they?!

Well, that would be telling.

On Friday 12 December, you can see the final two instalments of our series on Friends parodies; but you can also see an article showing some funny parodies of media news.

All the foregoing are other people’s videos; i.e. non-Glossy News people.

But see also the Friends instalment of Rejected COPS themes on Brian’s YouTube account! Make sure you hit that subscribe button on YouTube.

These cops and robbers (or speeders?) are not so friendly…

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Image attribution:

By Kai Mörk, CC BY 3.0 de, Link

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