Funny Story, Unfunny Reality: Where to Draw the Line of Removing Monuments?

Satire World is a controversial site: but this article does raise a serious point.

If you remove statues of Confederate slavers, where do you draw the line?

Many of the Founding Fathers were slavers.

Next stop Mount Rushmore?


To Mount Rushmore and beyond?!

What if it turned out some other public figures were wifebeaters?

Or warmongers (surely not!)

Is warmongering worse than owning slaves?

Did some of them beat their kids black and blue?

Did they pander to big business, and cause many people to fall into unnecessary poverty?

Honest question:

Where do you draw the line?

So, either you avoid the slippery slope entirely by not going down it, or you take a case by case basis, and hope for the best

Which is the better option for the USA?

And why?

Leave your thoughts below.


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